Monday, April 29, 2013

A Flight of Links

- EA's SimCity strategy is shady, but it works. RPS explains why. 
- Agent Smith enters ads. 
- The first trailer for Thor 2 is out, and it looks as cheesy as it looks like fun. 
-  The Portal 2 lead writer wrote a novel about a world where creatonism won. 
- Futurama has been cancelled.
- Steven Attewell reviews Tyrion V. 
- The Zombieland TV series sucks. Surprised? Me neither. 
- Why including free saving into video games is hard. 
- We don't need new consoles, Yahtzee says. 
- Sean T. Collins interviewed Alfie Allen.
- MovieBob lists stuff that needs a reboot. 
- The guy who invents the languages for GOT talks about pronounciation.  
- Bryan Cogman answered many questions about writing GOT.
- New episodes in the BSG newbie recap. 
-  A great fan-made opening for "Man of Steel".
- Michael Arndt is having trouble writing Star Wars VII. Hilarious! 
- The writers of Mad Men propose a show about NASA in the 60s. 
- There's a trailer - live-action! - for the upcoming 3rd-person X-COM.
- Two examples of gorgeous Bioshock cosplay. 
- Batman villains, twenties style. 
- MovieBob about Pain&Gain.
- 10 characters that got more interesting with their gender swapped. 
- The trailer to RED2 has Anthony Hopkins in it as a mad nuclear scientist. 
- Robb Stark meta
- The story of the development of Diablo.

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