Monday, April 1, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Why did comics start to suck in the 90s?
- Female characters in video games suck. 
- They are doing a Hercules-movie with The Rock as lead. Seriously. 
- How artists once imagined earth would look from space. Interesting. 
- Seems like a church thought "The Walking Dead" as great to promote easter services. 
- Captain America 2 villain is...a French kickboxer. Seriously. 
- Stunning how much this novel from 1969 got right about the times we live in. 
- Tomb Raider seems to be a flop, unfortunately. The game is great, so pick it up asap!
- 24 warning signs from the movie world. 
- Lengthy AGOT review.
- Zero Punctuation about SimCity.
- Race to the Iron Throne with a new Dany chapter. 
- Thoughts on a possible Prometheus sequel. 
- Game of Thrones became the new flagship of HBO, apparently. 
- Is Fantasy progressive? 
- Apparently, this is a thing now in Japan. 
- Death is dead.
- The new "Where are my Dragons?" sitcom. 
- GOT death generator. 
- A feminist review of Tomb Raider. 
- Some cosplayers were molested by a reporter. Man, these guys suck. 
- Ads from the first days of home computers. 
- 60s superheroes in todays movies. 
- Why can't Hollywood make a decent fairytale movie? 
- No surprise at all: GOT won't go into hiatus if Martin doesn't finish the books in time, but make it up themselves.  
- GI Joe Retaliation review.
- MovieDefenseForce: Wild Wild West
- The NYT about why Game of Thrones rocks. 
- 5 movies that could be awesome remakes.
- 6 huge movie twists that caused even greater plotholes.
- 5 recurring extras that you won't believe you never noticed
- Another stance on female protagonists in games. 
- Matthew McConaughey to star the new Nolan movie. 

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