Monday, April 15, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Some meta about Ramsay Snow.
- And some more about homosexuality in Westeros. 
- Blake's 7 is getting a reboot. Do I care? No. But perhaps you do. 
- Song about Tyrion. 
- MovieBob about Miracle Man, again. 
- Shamus Young explains Bioshock Infinite's ending pretty well. 
- A really, really great column about stealth games. 
- Sean T. Collins, my beloved BLAH co-host, also interviewed Sophie Turner. He should stop that interviewing some time soon so we can do another podcast. 
- Interesting interview with the writers of FarCry3 and Spec Ops: The Line.
- There's also a part 2.
- And a part 3.
- Newbie review of "33". Man, this is going to be entertaining. 
- 8 major heroes who will probably never get their Marvel movie. 
- Alyssa talks about young teenage girls in adult series. 
- Extensive doesn't even begin to describe this "Dark Wings, Dark Words"-review. 
- RPS reviews "Heart of the Swarm" and manage to put my concerns into better words. 
- Review of 42. 
- Ad analysis for Mad Men by Sean T. Collins.
- I can't slam my head on the desk often enough at the sight of this Walking Dead luxury edition.
- Interesting meta about Lyanna, and about her relationship to Rhaegar 
- And another about Joffrey, Gendry and how their parents (or lack thereof) influenced them.
- Great article about how to make characters in games seem in danger. 
- Good meta about Tywin being a rascist prick.

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