Monday, February 3, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Warhorse The Game, essentially. 
- Escapist most anticipated games of 2014
- Review for Pirates! Gold. I bought it and I'm playing it currently.
- Steven Attewell has written about Obama and GOT. 
- Early evidence of Roose's betrayal. 
- I can understand why they are angry, but the critique is utterly stupid. Shows were we're going reinforcing bad cliches all the time. 
- New picturs of the Turtles. I'm pleasantly surprised.
- The Devil in pop-culture, part 1
- 10 baffingly incompetent evil companies
- 5 big answers for Movie Geeks in 2014
- Why do we love Survival Games?
- Superheroes that should be in games
- 4 reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek
- 5 movie heroes who caused their own problems
- Broken Age review
- Stormsongs has Davos IV
-15 new GOT photos. 
- Ninja Turtles footage, continued
- Escape to the Movies reviews "That Awkward Moment"
- Lego Movie spot rocks 
- 6 nuclear sub myths 
- Game theory crack wins Jeopardy 
- Chip&Dale is coming back
- Philipp Seymour Hoffman dead
- Dungeon Keeper Mobile sucks

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  1. Stefan, you forgot about this one! :D