Monday, February 10, 2014

A Flight of Links

- MovieBob comments on the new Transformers. 
- And Winter Soldier. 
- Clark Gregg hates you. 
- Best and worst of Superbowl trailers.
- Coca Cola ad, somehow enraging the right.
- Rejection
- In Defense of Ewoks. I call bullshit.
- The Governor will be back for visions with Rick. Hurrah.
- Roast Joffrey compilation
- Yes. The lack of Targaryen background and the few Bran chapters really were my main letdowns with ADWD.
- Yes. 
- Oh, yes. 
- Bryan Singer tries to explain Superman Returns. 
- Yes. 
- 33 facts about famous people you might not know. 
- Devil you know part II
- The Magic of old Adventure Games
- The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 review. Episode 1 was great, eager for two. Another review, and by now, I played it (great wirting these over the course of a week, ain't it?). I agree with it. Oh, and I found another interesting take.
- It's time for The Walking Dead to kill off Rick. Oh boy, do I agree.
- Might and Magic X review. 
- The Thick of It review
- Race of the Iron Throne gives us Catelyn X. 
- 29 movie adaptations who left out the best parts. 
- 6 awesome theories that totally change the story. Scar raped Nala? Seriously? Wow.
- Steven Moffat about Sherlock. 
- Kit Harington info
- Assassin's Creed 4 gets a standalone expansion
- Hilarious fake Superman vs. Batman trailer
- 5 dreaded movies that turned out good
- Zombeavers is a thing
- Knights of Badassdom finally comes
- Avengers Age of Ultron has a teaser, and Paul Bettany plays some guy
- The Lego Moview review, and another one
- Monuments Men review
-Photos from 80s Moscow. Oh my god.
- "Sabotage" Red Band Trailer. Looks utterly uninteresting to me. Are there still Schwarzenegger fans? Does anyone believe a 70-year old that he's a police elite guy and family guy?
- More stuff about LEGO Movie
-  Deeper explanation of the "Jaime has no redemption arc thing". I totally agree.
- 5 superheroes who should have gotten movies before antman


  1. Stefan, the first "Yes." link does not seem to point to a valid address.

    1. Yes it doesn't, Sorry, something got fucked up. Donnu what the original was.