Monday, February 17, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Wertzone reviews the Lego Movie
- German court rules that Valve needn't allow the resale of Steam games. Shame. 
- Five big anticipations for GOT season 4. 
- There is an entirely stupid debate going on in the States about whether or not the Lego Movie is anti-business. 
- Meaningful gamification. 
- Free to wait
- Cast of Frozen sings live, and why it is a good thing
- Why Robocop still rules 
- 10 secret of 80s movie making 
- More about the stupid discussion about the Lego Movie 
- I can get behind this explanation for geekdom mysoginy.  
- Star Wars carpet
- Sex in GOT is necessary
- New Season 3 Blue Ray clip
- Why the game industry is Citizen Kane
- Alan Sepinwall reviews the first four episodes of House of Cards Season 2, and boy is he right. 
- George R. R. Martin explains weddings
- Robocop review
- Another one
- Jason Momoa stars in a werewolf movie
- God's 12 biggest dick moves in the Old Testament
- George R. R. Martin interview, a good one
- Middle Earth in orbital pictures, link 1, link 2, gorgeous stuff
- This article is a must-read for everyone.  
- New GOT season 4 trailer
- Heroine
- Dr. Horrible 2 is moving along


  1. It's written misogyny. With the "i" at the beginning, sweetheart ;)

  2. Oh, and btw, I'm off proposing to Juno, BYE!