Monday, February 24, 2014

A Flight of Links

- This GOT season 3 advertisement is ballsy. 
- Ripoff Cop
- What has Nintendo done right? 
- Irrational Games is closing. Shame! 
- Guardians of the Galaxy full trailer
-  GOT season 3 deleted scenes
- 5 famous filmmakers who ruined their dream movies
- Everything you need to know about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer
- Dark Souls review 
- Super Mario Bros. Movie Defense Force
- 22 obsolte technologies that we thought would be around forever
-  Worst plunders by people who invent alien worlds
- Kevin Costner comeback? 
- Pompeii seems to be bad. Poor Kit Harrington.
- New Captain America 2 trailer and spoilers.


  1. Oooooh... there seems to be a small chance that "Troy" is going to be replaced as the Ultimate #1 Worst History Movie in the History of History (TM). I am Intrigued.

    1. Troy really gains in the Director's Cut.

    2. Might be, but why would I waste 3+ hours of my life watching the Director's Cut of a horribly bad film only because in the DC it is "not quite AS bad"? Also, I highly doubt there is much to gain unless they cut out all the scenes with Diane Krüger.

    3. I didn't hate it that much to begin with. There are much worse history moviesd out there.

    4. There are? Really?
      Let's break this down, OK... You're probaly going to bring up "Alexander", which was... BAD, granted, in regards screenwriting and acting - but at least it got the crude outline of history kinda right, and fashioned it out with lots of yummy man-candy and a female lead that at least looked the part, if nothing else.

      Then, uh, what else is there about ancient history? 300? Yeah, well. At least it says "comic book adaptation" on the cover. That keeps most people from taking it too seriously.

      But seriously, I haven't seen a movie in my life that failed on so many levels as Troy, at the same time: The screenwriting? Bad. The story? Does not make sense. The representation of history? Wrong on all possible levels. The adaptation of literature? Cut out all the good stuff to shoehorn a classic into a kitschy Hollywood flick. The acting? "Atrocious" does not begin to describe it, and that, my sweet, is something that I can never ever forgive.
      And to put the icing on this cake of suck, THEY DID NOT EVEN MANAGE TO KILL SEAN BEAN. I rest my case.

    5. Yeah, not killing Sean Bean is a regrettable mistake, sure. But I did like their take on a myth, which has to be about as historically correct as a comic adaption.

    6. Now, that defense is just lazy.
      See, you can try to take a work of fiction that is based so loosely on history that representing it in an actual historical frame is misrepresenting the literary work.
      King Arthur did that, and, bad as that flick was *cough*Til Schweiger*cough*, the history part was actually a nice twist.
      you can try to adapt said work of fiction with complete disregard to actual history but at least get the source material - with necessary (this being the operative word) changes and cuts - wrapped nicely onto the screen.
      Troy failed at both.
      No wait. It didn't fail. It never tried either. The makers of Troy raped literature and made history watch.

    7. Wow, you hate that thing ^^ I personally disliked "King Arthur" much more. But be that as it may.

  2. It's always the source material/historical period you know better ^^