Thursday, January 30, 2014

Boiled Leather Audio Hour 26

One of the brightest stars in the ASoIaF fandom firmament joins your humble hosts this week! Adam Feldman is the author of The Meereenese Blot, and the blogger whose essay series "Untangling the Meereenese Knot," a revisionist take on Daenerys’s storyline during A Dance with Dragons which argued that her attempt to forge a durable peace would have been successful but for her own unhappiness and the perfidy of a locust-poisoning Shavepate, is one of the finest in-depth analyses of these books I’ve ever read. He’s followed up with a provocative take on Jon Snow’s actions during Dance as well, centered on the political effects of his penchant for well-intentioned risk-taking. In this episode, Sean and I explore the essays with Adam as our guide, tackling everything from oathbreaking to audience identification. Read and listen and enjoy!


  1. Man, I just love BLAH! You guys even got Meereenese Blot's creator Adam Feldman, that's just awesome. My only complain is that it wasn't longer. You guys gotta do more of those, man, more of those. Anyhow, great podcast Stefan, keep it cool.


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