Thursday, January 16, 2014

Varys crackpot

Varys is in truth Larys Strong, the lord of Harrenhal, who has survived the ages through magic tricks.
There, I said it. Not that I believe it. But I said it. Heh.


  1. Good thing you got it out of your system, but hey, anything is possible. My own crackpot is that Quaithe (god, how I hate you!) is trying to get Dany as far from her objective as possible in order to claim her fire connection/magic/thingy for herself. She only warns Dany not to trust people, and gives her really ambiguous messages. Why not tell her who to trust, huh? Why not tell her nice and clear (like Moqorro) where the sh*t is at?
    She told her no to trust Quentyn and now her connection to Dorne is severed in favor of Puppet-Maybe-Fake-Maybe-Not-Aegon. Nice going dumbass.

  2. What if he's a descendant? According to the Wiki there are Strongs in the Golden Company. Perhaps a male descendant of Larys Strong married a female line descendant of Daemon Blackfyre...

    1. Possible, yes. But I still think Varys is just who he claims he is.

  3. As long as he can still be a Merling...

  4. My theory: Varys is not his real name. Knowing that the story of Larys and Aegon was so well-known, he started calling himself Varys to make people think of Larys, which would lend credibility-by-association to his claim that he took the baby Aegon of his own time out of King's Landing before Gregor Clegane killed him.

    Especially impressive is that he did this /even before baby Aegon had been born/! Truly he was playing the long con on Westeros.