Monday, January 27, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Charles Dance: "Dare I say, bloody well actors." You dare say, mister, you dare say. 
- 39 not so innocent gestures. 
- 5 animals refusing evolution
- 6 actors who thought they made a whole different movie. That's so bad.
- Much GOT meta. Donnu whether I linked it already, is worth the look in any case.
- Good post about Westerosi warfare.  
- C&C Renegade X is coming out, it seems. The original was crappy, but what it could've been interested everyone.
-  Good article about Kickstarter. 
- New 300 2 trailer. 
- Stormsongs rereads Catelyn IV. 
-With great power... Couldn't agree more.
- Big Picture about the Bechdel test.
- StarCraft 2 is essentially free now. 
- HBO CEO likes you to share the HBO Go! password. 
- Where are superhero movies finding all that new elements?
- Survival Special of Yahtzee
- X-Files gets an HD update
- Call of Home - new Miracle of Sound song
- 5 recent movies I'm not sure I want to rewatch
- Does Pixar make a Star Wars movie?
- TMNT does look not bad
- Review of Wing Commander II (!)
- Quentin Tarantino axes his next movie because the script was leaked. Wtf? 
- Sean T. Collins collected his thoughts on BSG and Lost; here are some of the of the most interesting IMHO.
- 5 ways life in Iran is nothing like you think.
- If 33 movies were made into trilogies
- GTA V doesn't give you agency. Go figure.
- I Frankenstein review 

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  1. Is deliberately shitting people? Because it says there that in Germany "Damen" means "Men". I expect to meet quite a few male Americans in German ladies' restrooms the next days ;)