Sunday, November 24, 2013

"It is Known: Season 3 Deconstructed" is now available!
On November 21st, my first stand-alone eBook came out. Published by Blue Buddha Press and edited by Marc Kleinhenz, the mastermind behind "A Flight of Sorrows", the book will cover the "Game of Thrones" TV show.  Psyched yet? You don't know anything yet, or as Melisandre would say: You know nothing. So, learn what cool stuff awaits you just a few clicks away on your electronic reading device after the break!

Featuring a foreword by Sean T. Collins, the beloved author of "All Leather Must Be Boiled", the "A Game of Thrones Annotated Edition" and co-host for the "Boiled Leather Audio Hour", the book collects a revised version of my recaps of season 3, which were published first on Corona's Coming Attractions and here on The Nerdstream Era. These recaps, now collected in one spot for the first time, form the heart of the new book. 
By no means does this mean that the wave of content stops there, however! You will find three brand-new essays that haven't been published anywhere before and were written exclusively for this book, covering central aspects of the HBO series. These are not limited to season 3, by the way, but take a look at the whole oevre. As an added bonus, you will find all of my previous essays on the series, like my defenses of the character Ros and the adaption of Littlefinger. 
But the ball still doesn't stop here. The book will contain an extensive interview that Marc conducted with me, covering many aspects of the writing of my essays, my opinions on "Game of Thrones" and other stuff that might be interesting, enlightening or entertaining to you. It won't leave you cold in any case! 
Sean T. Collins aside, the book will contain even more contributions from established community members. Mimi Hoshut, co-host of the "Podcast of Ice and Fire", will contribute a yet-unpublished short story. Remy Verhoeve, founder of "Stormsongs" and the author of "Waiting for Dragons: A reread of A Game of Thrones" provides a sneak-preview of his upcoming book "Waiting for Winter: A reread of A Clash of Kings" and John Jasmin, the founder of the beloved community site "The Tower of the Hand" has written the afterword to the book. 
And if all of that hasn't gotten you on board yet, consider that the book costs only $4.99 on Amazon. That's a buttload of content for your buck. 
And I don't even expect you to buy the thing off the bat without knowing what you will get, so check out the free sample of its content

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