Monday, November 25, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Crusader Kings II expansion review
- Carrying around a singing sword is stupid
- 5 infamously terrible movies that could have been great
- 6 modern playgrounds for your inner child. Wanna wanna wanna wanna
- 4 awful things that are now Nerd behavior. Yes and yes, especially the money-thing I find detestable.
- Copyright laws are stranged, but not not nearly as rosy here in Germany as that article describes. 
- Star Citizen won't come to the console
- Shadowrun returns returns
- Impressions of AC4. Perhaps I'll buy it after all. 
- Yahtzee on the same thing. Totally agree with him. 
- More BSG newbie recaps! Yay. Read part 1, part 2 and part 3 which is totally part 1, but I linked it wrong.
- If you want to obsess over Robocop a bit more. 
- Meta about Agents of SHIELD
- Dark Souls: Game of a Generation
- Hunger Games: Catching Fire review
- Yahtzee reviews Call of Duty Ghosts
- Movie Defense Force: Batman&Robin
- A kinder look on the new Hunger Games movie
- Ridley Scott throws a stuffes tiger at Russel Crowe
- I was a Hunger Games hater
- Dunce concept art is the balls
- JRR Tolkien biopic to come out. Good idea. 
- Stormsongs rereads Tyrion IV, part 1
- I finally watched the Agents of SHIELD pilote, so I can happily link these two bits. 
- What does the Doctor mean to you? Nothing, to be honest.


  1. The Brynden B Fish blog is fantastic! I found it recently and was astounded how good it was.
    Thanks for the awesome links, Stefan.

  2. Thanks for turning me on to Cracked. That place is a massive time waste with awesome content.

    Buy AC4 and be done with it. I know AC3 was a beating from pretty much start to finish (When I say finish I mean the point at which I grew tired of Connor and the real life lessons they were trying to shove down my throat and just quit playing), but AC4 is exactly what that review said. It's absurd, but awesome. How often in real life do you have the chance, much less the want, to air assassinate an ocelot? Fear not because AC4 affords you that opportunity in spades along with dozens of other rare and endangered animals. Ever wanted to hate-spear Shamu for getting salt water in your drink while sitting in the splash zone? You get your chance here.

    On top of that the pirating itself is just plain fun. It's Sid Meir's Pirates but more girtty and syphilisy with a lot more blood and death. I'm not sure either is all that realistic, but that's not why I'm playing. I'm playing because it's a bunch of fun. Since I've purchased this game I sing those damn sea shanties in my head all day and for some reason I don't want to hurt myself because of it.

    The normal AC vs. Templar stuff is still there, but Kenway's character is much more true to life in that he's in it for him, not some noble goal. Quite frankly that's refreshing in an AC game as we saw Altair and Ezio give most of their lives to the struggle and whatever Conner did (TBSP - too boring, stopped playing - if his story adds anything then please feel free to see it as an argument in my favor).

    In closing, as this got out of hand, buy the game and be happy and prepare to sing "Leave her, Johnny" or "The Dead Horse" all damn day in your head. I'm happy to have a good AC game again.

    1. Thanks a lot! I think I'll consider it for the christmas break.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I've enjoyed your blog and podcast for a while now.So, I feel honored. Thanks again. Cheers!