Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Announcement: The Supreme Court of Westeros

Change is coming to The Nerdstream Era and the "A Song of Ice and Fire" fandom! After fifty issues of "Stefan's Theory Hour", it is time to open a new chapter in the organisation and depth of theory discussion. Up to this point, arising questions in the community have either been answered by single persons like me, Sean T. Collins, nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and many, many more on their own blogs and tumblrs, or by the swarm in forums like 

Until now, that is! I regret to announce that "Stefan's Theory Hour" is at an end, its run being concluded with the anniversary podcast of last week. 

But rejoice. It will not be the end of answering community questions here on Nerdstream, far from it. Instead, I am proud and glad to announce here and now that I was able to win Amin Javadi as permanent co-author of the "Theory Hour", which means that your questions will not be answered by one but by two members of the community at once! Together, we will form the "Supreme Court of Westeros", which is the new title of the "Theory Hour". The first issue of the Supreme Court will go live on Thursday, just like you are accomodated to.

But that's not all. Since two judges might quickly end with an impasse, and since we aim to include fandom into the discussions more than just in the comments section, we will appoint one third judge per week on a rotating spot. These third judges will be other authors from the community - such as Steven Attewell or Sean T. Collins - as well as distinctive commenters from the various sites where this great saga is discussed.

So if you are interested in becoming a visiting judge, send us an email. If selected, you will receive the questions for a particular week via email.

The rules are simple. You just keep asking questions as before, posing them in any channel you like - per mail at, in the comments of the Supreme Court issues or at and Amin's tumblr. The possibilities are endless! As with the "Theory Hour", we will answer three questions every week and simply take them in as they come. 

The catch is that one of either Stefan or Amin is the Chief Justice every week, writing the main opinion on the issue, like the "Theory Hour" before. The other two judges will write minor opinions, likely shorter and only eloborating on points that are important to the writers. The whole discussion always comes from the main author. We will then look at how the issue resolved - do we agree, are there dissents, or is the main opinion actually in the minority? 

We hope that the Supreme Court of Westeros will provide fandom with an even more in-depth look at certain issues and combine the best of our different takes and angles on the great saga of Ice and Fire that enriches all our lives.


  1. Seems cool looking forward to it.

  2. could u possibly evaluate my theory of the land hammer potentially being used by bran to split westeros in 2 to stop the advance of the others (maybe talk about potential places like the neck or the wall) i am very grateful for your consideration