Monday, November 4, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Some students recreated 1666 London (pre-fire) with the Cry-Engine
- More about writing Star Wars 7
- Nemesis
- Assassin's Creed 4 review
- Good point about the Jaime-Cersei-ambivalence
- The 13 biggest assholes in Greek mythology. A title you simply have to click.
- Race to the Iron Throne continues! Arya IV.
- 8 pirates from video games that are arrsome. 
- Assassin's Creed 4 music video from Miracle of Sound
- How 7 iconic movie characters would have fared in a shlasher movie
- EA cancels Command&Conquer. Not that I cared. 
- MovieBob talks the new X-Men trailer
- Batman: Arkham Origins Review from The Escapist and RPS
- Walking Dead Season 2 really looks good
- Extra Credits looks at games you really don't know
- More BSG recaps. Really wish she would dispense with the GIFs. 
- 9 terrible movie mistakes
- David Nutter talks the Red Wedding
- Darth Vader, an alternative history
- Retronaut is hilarious
- Ian McKellen is even cooler than you thought
- Star Wars Episode VII will be published whether ready or not.
- Lego Movie simply looks awesome
- Casting news for Avengers 2
- Analogy between Breaking Bad and the NSA scandal 
- Wot I think: Democracy 3
- Star Wars Episode 7 really ought to be postponed
- Wot I think: Surface Pro 2
- 70 gorgeous stills of Thor 2
- What is good about Revolution. I watched only the first ten minutes of the pilot, and it was awful.  
- Agents of SHIELD will tie in with Thor 2.  
- Khal Drogo Cosplay 
- Stormsongs has a new Jaime chapter

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