Monday, November 11, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Star Wars Bloopers
- The Wertzone reviews Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut
- GOT director gives away nothing but invites speculation
- Battlefield 4 review
- Call of Duty Ghosts review 
- If GOT was a children's book
- Another Wolverine movie...yawn 
- 5 Clever Movie Schemes that actually are stupid
- There are some great Movies in Real Life. Check them out. 
- 8 things Marvel got wrong about Thor
- Star Wars edited deleted scene that kills Jar Jar Binks
- Sooooooo sweet Princess Thor
- Wot I think: Call of Duty Single Player, part 1 and part 2. Really, the series went bonkers with the second installment, leaped over the line in part three and became offensive in "Black Ops".
- New version of "The New Black Gold" from Miracle of Sound
- Yahtzee reviews Batman Arkham Origins
- Extra Credits talk Collectible Games 
- The battle for the IP of D&D continues 
-  New Miracle of Sound music 
- How GOT changed Thor 2
- Great meta about Sandor
- New RoboCop trailer looks slightly less shitty.
- But MovieBon doesn't like that one, either. 
- 5 ways people mastered video games 
- Thor 2 reviews by MovieBob and io9
- Miss America in Optimus Prime costume. Wtf?
- Man of Steel concept art
- Marvel cooperates with Netflix now
- Neil Marshall talks GOT
- Interesting Meta about Arya. I absolutely don't agree with it, but interesting read nonetheless. 
- Meta about the PWWP and Azor Ahai
- Emilia Clark to play Sarah Connor?
- More info about the upcoming WarCraft movie. I don't really care (yet), but maybe you do. 
- 5 dumb movies with disproportionally dumb theme songs

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