Monday, March 9, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Another week in the zoo
-Apparently, a Starship Troopers remake is in the works, because why wouldn't you soil yet another IP?
- Also, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" gets a movie. 
- Dat gif
- Jennifer Lawrence is the first female Spielberg lead since 1985
- Robert Downey Jr. has seen too many Old Spice commercials
- Michael Biehn is in Alien V!
- Warner Bros launches a GOT cell phone game
- The Dragon's Mercy part III
- If they did this even I would watch Star Trek. By the way, does HBO have a Sci-Fi show yet? *hinthint*  
- Joss Whedon about the difficulty of Avengers 2
-  Yathzee reviews The Order: 1886
- Sylvester Stallone does an Expendables TV series, which is a funny idea
- Tyrion is the villain?!
- GRRM, a Missandei POV and orientalism
- Fake Avengers trailer with Spiderman in it
- Why dies Mars get all the attention
- An ocean on Mars?
- Marvel takes to the Wild West
- Yes


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