Monday, March 23, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Where Westeros comes from
- Firefly Action Figures
- I don't agree
- I do agree
- This is commitment
- Excited for this
- Yes I have
- More GOT season 5 videos
- Sean T. Collins interviewed Rory McCann
- The first sample essay of A Hymn for Spring is out
- New Avengers 2 spot
- Shame. 
- For Star Wars interested.
- Whale Songs
- I don't get what people like about Settlers. 
- How much energy does the Death Star need?
- Why we won't be able to play old games
- Sid Meier's Starships review
- Meet the Sandsnakes
- Adam Werthead about the new possibilities of the ASOIAF universe and HBO
- This is funny
- Adam Werthead also reports from the season 5 GOT premiere
- The Dragon's Ladies, part 5


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