Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Flight of Links

- This Joss Whedon interview is very, very interesting. 
- GOT deceased panel
-  Oh please, because the last time with old Harrison Ford worked so well.
- Hollywood retcons on the rise. 
- 10 movies you're never going to see
- GOT poster tease
- Moviebob has an interesting Avengers/Spiderman theory
- Good thoughts on Ashara Dayne
- Really good thoughts on Stannis and the North
- Crowfall is an MMO that mixes Eve Online and GOT
- Bran IV
- What if Steam never existed? Intriguing what-if!
- The complete R+L=J timeline
-  Hands On: Hearts of Iron IV
- Subverting the Nazis in HoI IV
- Total War: Attila review
- Yahtzee about the remastering trend
- The Dragon's Ladies, part 4
- The curious case of Domeric Bolton
- Violence and gameplay mechanics
- The Blacks and the Reds II


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