Friday, May 21, 2021

Kevinography, part 14 - Let him go (2020)

This is part 14 in a series in which, for reasons not really clear, I watch all watchable movies with Kevin Costner. And maybe even some unwatchable ones. I will then comment on them here for you, including a synopsis in case you aren't familiar with them.
Synopsis: In 1967, a man falls off a horse and dies. He leaves behind his young wife (Kayli Carter), their babe and his parents (Kevin Costner, Diane Lane). The wife remarries, and the husband turns out to be abusive. Before the parents can do something about it, he forces his family to North Dakota, back to where his clan lives. The parents follow, realizing too late just what kind of people their son-in-law descends from...

Sunday, May 9, 2021

In the maw of catastrophe - a review of Kim Stanley Robinson's "The Ministry of the Future"

I have a chequered history with Kim Stanley Robinson. I tried to read the Martian trilogy and finished "Red Mars", but then I gave up a few chapters in of "Green Mars". I read about the first third of "2312" before I gave that one up. I was tempted by the premises of "New York 2140" as well as "Aurora", but I never quite dared to get disappointed again, even though they intrigued me. I can happily report that I finished his latest book, "The Ministry of the Future".