Monday, July 13, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Wertzone continues the series on the ASOIAF process with ASOS
- And AFFC
- 15 things we didn't know about Back to the Future
- Hatred and the deliberate offense
-  Tips for avoiding the E3 hype
- Open letter to Microsoft re:gaming
- Why the Batmobile is no fun in Arkham Knight
- The Great Council of 101
- The court of Viserys I
- I have no doubt that this Kevan meta is true. 
- More Viserys meta
- Interview with the Militant Penguin
- Apparantly, you can explain ISIS with Tolkien.  
- Arya VIII
- Meta about Roose Bolton and Wyman Manderly

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stefan,

    I have a couple questions for the court.
    - What do you think will/would happen once Arya crosses all the names off of her list?
    - Stannis felt that he should have been named Hand to Robert after Jon Arryn died. What would have happened if Ned declined or Robert went straight to Stannis as Hand?
    Thanks I really enjoy your posts.