Monday, July 6, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Very good meta on Quentyn Martell.
- Really good Shavepate meta
- Steven Attewell's Riverlands development plan
- Attewell also disagrees with Stannis's arc in GOT season 5. I don't; see my essay for more.
- If Disney princesses had mums 
- Random thoughts on Tolkien
- Stuff about the new Spiderman reboot
- Video games without people of color aren't neutral. I'd qualify that statement. 
- Sony can't make a black Spiderman
- World War II posters with superheroes
- "Definitive" ranking of the Marvel movies
- The limits of Marvel's storytelling
- Battle-Lines review. I bought if after reading the review and wasn't disappointed in the slightest.
- Black Widow's smurfette problem
- The Avenger's unseen antagonist is Man of Steel
- A quick history of 4chan and the Rightists who killed it
- Age of Ultron review by Sepinwall

1 comment:

  1. > A quick history of 4chan and the Rightists who killed it

    One quick glance at the Twitter timeline of the author @animemoemoney tells me that he has close connections to various ayyteam members, a notorious group of trolls/shitposters and you've been punked (again).

    So I was prepared to write a snarky comment about how your working knowledge of Chan culture matches the one of a middle-aged soccer mom, but then I saw the article is over a month old. Well... no reason to disturb the dead, is there?

    But if you really are interested in the inner workings of Chans, I think this post from Kazerad holds up pretty well:
    (Trigger warning: Has less of the hilariously misapplied leftwing/rightwing my side/your side rhetoric though.)

    Oh, and for good measure an oldie, but goldie article about the power of grand narratives, applicable to all subcultures you don't know a lot about: