Monday, March 31, 2014

Boiled Leather Audio Hour 28

The Quality of Mercy:’s new “The Winds of Winter” Sample Chapter

It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth: Hot on the heels of our last installment comes yet another BLAH about yet another Winds of Winter sample chapter! For all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s about Arya Stark, this one’s pretty clearly the most talked-about yet. Should we believe the hype, or is this often disturbing chapter chronicling Arya’s further Faceless adventures in Braavos edgy for edginess’ sake? And if we see it as the latter, who’s to blame — an author pushing the envelope, or an audience out for blood? It’s our most conflicted sample-chapter discussion yet. Bone up on some recommended reading referenced in the ep first, if you’re up for it, then tune in and see where you come down.

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  1. "the queen will have his head"

    Uh, little clue about what's going on in Kings Landing?

  2. I get the whole, "its not great that a 10 year old girl is killing a whole bunch of people." But to me, I wrote her off as a bit of a horrid murderer way back in AFFC. At least in this case she knows for a fact he has committed a crime that, in pretty much any society that has capital punishment for crimes against individuals, would be considered a capital crime. After seeing her kill someone based on the hearsay of a dude she just met, and another for desertion, which she doesn't give much of a shit about, a killing for the unrepentant murder of an innocent child just comes off as a breath of fresh air.