Monday, March 17, 2014

A Flight of Links

- This review of 300: Rise of an Empire is hilarious. 
- New GOT trailer. 
- Interesting Selyse meta. 
- A lego sandcrawler with well over 3000 pieces. 
- 7 characters saved by their fans
- True Detecive review
- Stormsongs rereads Tyrion V, part II
- Final Fantasy X was digitally remastered
- Holy crap this looks awesome
- Was the last link bait and switch? Donnu.
- World of Ice and Fire is finished, scheduled for October
- Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy 30th anniversary edition for free
- Feldman posts part III. Yeah!
- Corn! Man, this gets stupid sometimes.
- Titanfall review
- People make games, not companies
-  Catelyn XI! Man, Attewell is brillant at this. 
- Orphan black
- What will Mockingjay do without Hoffmann?
- GOT will have seven seasons
- 8 best game over screens
- 10 hit movies that sucked for the gans
- Why I refuse to watch something without spoilers
- Stormsongs recaps Arya
- Tom Clancy in gaming, great article
- Alien: Isolation making of
- Titanfall stuff
- More of it
- Escape to the Movies: Need for Speed
- Long Story Short, must watch
- Good guess, I'd call it. 
- Martin's getting delusional about HBO, I fear. 

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  1. Martin has been overoptimistic in his estimates about finishing the books.