Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boiled Leather Audio Hour #27

Wild Is the Wind: The New “The Winds of Winter” Sample Chapter in the World of Ice and Fire App

Once more unto the breach, dear friends: George R.R. Martin has unveiled a new sample chapter from The Winds of Winter, this time ensconced in the World of Ice and Fire app on your friendly neighborhood smartphone, and Sean and I are back to pick that sucker apart! The POV character is Tyrion Lannister, the place is Meereen, and the scene is a slaughter — the Battle of Fire is now fully underway, so via the Imp we get a picture of how the fight is going, who’s involved on what side (the Windblown! the Ironborn! the Second Sons!), and how Tyrion feels about it all. From the strategic situation to Tyrion’s own psychological battles, there’s a lot to talk about. And with GRRM promising much more ASoIaF material on the way at a pretty rapid clip this year, we’d better get cracking!

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  1. This chapter is certainly exciting as a preview to the action in Winds of Winter. I can't wait to see Dany mounted on Drogon appear leading a Dothraki horde to save the day.

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  3. Dunno if I am commenting too late to get a response, but... Do we really know how much of an actual betrayal Ser Jorah committed? We know that he was in correspondence with Varys, but did he know that Illyrio and Varys are likely her benefactors? How much of benefactors are they?

    She's a queen, but she's also not yet of age, how much of a betrayal is secret communication with a benefactor? Even if Dany doesn't know that she has a benefactor.

    1. Jorah didn't have a clue. He wanted home, and he worked with "Varys the Spider, loyal agent of Robert Baratheon".