Monday, March 3, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Terminator meets Batman
- 1984 is outdated
- Irrational Decision making
- Essay about the Wire. Font gives eye cancer though. 
- Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug. 
- Batman in real life
- New Godzilla look and sound
- D&D at college
- Sansa VI, by Steven Attewell 
- Disney builds its own streaming channel
- 5 movie plots possible by incompetence
- 6 realistic changes that'd improve super hero movies. 
- Video games and LBTG characters. 
- Bic Picture about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer
- Godzilla trailer looks good
- Inception board game doesn't. 
- Beginner's Guide to Dark Souls. 
- Bethesda hates Mages
-This hilarious German grocery-commercial apparantly made it to the US. If you're interested in more articles about the influence of English language and culture in Germany, tell me in the comments.
- In the same line, an article about English influence on German language. 
- Apparantly, translating Kafka is a pain in the ass. Believe me, it works the other way around, too. 
- And even more of that stuff!
- There's a nest somewhere!  
- In case you want the GOT-agony in 8 bits.  
- Son of God release. The intro is hilarious.
-  We get a Tyrion paragraph. Not chapter. Paragraph.
- Stormsongs reads a Tyrion chapter and forgets to complain about the worldbuilding :)
- Call of Duty still sucks, yes. 
- Thief Review
- Michael Bay produces a "Birds" remake. Insert jokes about exploding birds. 
- Phil leaves Winter is coming.
- Race of the Iron Throne reads Dany IX
- Breaking Bad remix that is awesome
- Nice comic

- Adam Feldman started yet another analysis series. I put an empty line in so you see it more clearly. Read it. 

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  1. Americans talking about Germany always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling...