Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sherlock mini episode

There's a teaser video about seven minutes long for the third season of Sherlock. Can't wait for it, this is such brillant TV.  But, even in Sherlock's world, Germans shouldn't speak with heavy English accent, and the German judicial system still doesn't know the institution of a Grand Jury.

Video after the break.


  1. Yeah, I hate it too when great work is botched by such small detail.

  2. Ugh. That would have taken just about a split-second of research.
    Come on, Brits, we know you're not over-fond of the EU, but that's pretty embarassing.

    That said: I FUCKING LOVE IT
    Anderson feels bad about Sherlock, does he? Well, good. On the other side: Aw, poor baby.
    And the Sherlock vid is brilliantly ominous. That's waht I love about the series, it's just fantastic writing. Enough to overlook the occasional epic research fail.