Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Christpher Nolan is making a space travel movie and there's a teaser! 
- Stormsongs reread Sam II, part 2. 
- How much would a Death Star cost? 
- Wertzone reviews Agents of SHIELD season 1.1 
- Another Smaug-review
- Assassin's Creed 4 gets the first DLC, which tackles a delicate topic. 
- Race of the Iron Throne reads Catelyn VII. 
- Copywrong 
- Must-read: the new one from the Meereenese Blot
- Video game disappointments of 2013
- First Salem trailer
- Good news, everyone!
- Is this glorious stuff even real? 
- Anchorman 2 review
- Age of Ultron spoilers
- Boys behaving badly
 - 80s lego movie heroes
- GRRM shows Game of Thrones in his cinema
- Race of the Iron Throne has Sansa V

And with that, Merry christmas! One week left in 2013. 


  1. Merry Christmas Stefan!

    Two things:

    1) Is your alternative history podcast on iTunes? If so could you link it out somewhere? Or can you put it up on iTunes?

    2) I know you have said you play paradox interactive computer games. Since you have extensive knowledge of WWII, have you played Hearts of Iron III? I would love to know your opinion of this game and how accurate it is in your opinion.

    1. 1) Yes! http://vokpodcast.wordpress.com/
      2) Yes, I wanted to do that anyway. Mostly played HoI2, though, and was disappointed with part three, choosing not to really play it.

  2. A question about Littlefinger: You, Sfefan say that iy would be in character for him to brag around Cersei about what he knows. (Season 2 scene) How do you respond to Elio and Linda`s comments that he would never do that in the books, because he knows that he is not important compared to Cersei?

    1. See here:

    2. So you guys have contradicting opinions. Does that happen often among ASOIAF experts? :D

    3. Yes. I actually wrote an essay about why this is, which will be published in the upcoming TOTTH ebook in Spring.