Monday, December 16, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Doctor gets fined 25.000$ for fake Green-Tea-Cancer-Treatment. Good ruling.
- Sherlock season 3 trailer
- Smaug design info
- Disney's brillant strategy 
- 5 behind the scenes infos that show filmmaking is a horrible job
- Sesame Street Lord of the Rings hommage
- Godzilla trailer looks good IMHO
- Too many villains, very interesting and I agree
- Telltale even plans several seasons GOT. Better and better!   
- 5 reasons the Game Industry has troubles
- Extra Credits, new episode. Man, do I disagree.
- Wertzone reviews Princess&Queen. 
- BSG newbie recaps! 
- 10 superman villains who really suck. But hey, they all suck in a way. Comes with the territory.  
- MovieBob about Edge of Tomorrow. I don't know, I like the premise.
- MovieBob about Sony and Spiderman
- Disney plans a villain highschool movie.
- Tom and Lorenzo also reviewed the Walking Dead Season 4, by the way, and basically come to the same conclusions as I do.
- Wertzone reviews the new Hobbit movie.  
- Nobody suspects the Butterfly to write a Princess&Queen review
- Emilia Clarke is to star in the new Terminator-series
- First look at the Firefly MMO 
- MovieBob reviews the Desolation of Smaug 


  1. Could you go more into detail about the Extra Credits episode? I disagreed mostly as well, but it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts. Thanks for the interesting links, always good to check them out!

    1. Benign minded as the incentive idea might be, I am convinced it would create pretty horrible incentives, not the ones that they think they're aiming at. Basically, the guys are amateurs on that field. That doesn't exclude them from having an opinion and even trying to pursue their own solutions, but they obviously don't know an awful lot about the inner workings of government and Congress, and I guess that my benign ideas about game design would be laughed off by them as well, and rightfully so. I'm very sceptical at grand ideas designed to repair the political system.
      That aside, I think they also tackle the wrong problem. The guys in Congress are mostly not in the least dependent on the nation's pay. 80% or more already are millionaires. They could sit in there for free. Adjusting their pay to some dubious "achievement score table" is not going to change much in their actual behavior. That is dictated by wholly other interests, none of which are targeted easily.

    2. It strikes me as another example of outsiders thinking that their distance from a problem allows them to see obvious and simple solutions, when really they're just uninformed. Incentives structures certainly matter to politicians (the rise of parallel conservative institutions that incentivize success outside of policy achievements I think has had a significant effect), but political scientists have already devoted a lot of thought to these questions.

    3. Yep, that's my problem with it as well.