Monday, December 2, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Some GOT stuff, nothing new, but all in one post
- Interesting comment
- MovieBob makes Family Guy interesting because of the parallels to other phenomena.
- HeroQuest returns, in case you're interested.  - Or not.
- Wasteland 2 comes out soon 
- 21 real deleted scenes that change the meaning of the movie
-  5 reasons the English language is unlogical. Rest assured, it's not just English. I love the Latin story, though.
- Frozen seems to be great. 
- Winston Churchill wanted to build giant ice aircraft carriers. 
-  The 8 worst mistakes the Allies made. I disagree about some of this fervently.
- 12 weirdest moments from the Superman movie. 
- 8 Superhero origins the movies get right, and 8 they get wrong. 
- 7 things the world runs out - not fossil fuel.
-  Amazing Spiderman 2 stuff.
- Warcraft movie postponed, due to Star Wars.
- Penny Arcade :What is a game?
- More stuff on AC4
- More BSG newbie recaps


  1. On the WWII post, just wondering, what do you disagree with the most?

  2. That list was way to euro-centric. Only one block on "underestimating Japan". The author includes the Dieppe raid...really? Where's the invasion of the Philippines, which was a completely unnecessary adventure, done to suit MacArthur ego?

  3. The failure to anticipate the German blitz is bullshit. The German plan was to do exactly what the Allies anticipated - attacking through Belgium/Netherlands. Only when one idiot officer lost the complete plans to the enemy, they needed to change quickly and Hitler decided for the Ardennes offensive, which was deemed impossible by the Allies because only few roads were possible for use. One destroyed tank, the whole column (which was really, really long) would be stuck in the Ardennes, victim to bombing. It was not a brillant plan, it was a stupid and reckless move that luckily for the Germans worked. It didn't work again in 1944, by the way.
    Failure to adopt the Convoy system? Please. Painful as it was, it nowhere significantly influenced the American war economy.
    Dieppe? Seriously?
    And demanding total surrender? This was the best thing that they could have done.

    I really agree with 1. and 8. About Italy - the Allies perhaps should never have landed there. Tied up ressources without any serious impact on the war.