Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Boiled Leather Audio Hour #17

She’s Like the Wind: Analyzing the New Sample Chapter from “The Winds of Winter”

2013 gets its first case of the BLAHs! Once again, George R.R. Martin has posted a preview chapter from The Winds of Winteron which I presume he’s merrily plowing along in between announcing the publication of novella-length stories no one had any idea he was even working on. And once again, Sean and I take to the airwaves to pick the thing apart. This time out the focus is on Arianne and her journey to a rendez-vous with Jon Connington and, ostensibly, destiny. At first glance this seems much smaller beer than the previous sample chapter, but as Sean and I read and re-read and talked, we were surprised how meaty the thing really is, and we think you will be too. From the mind of Doran Martell to the sex appeal of Gerold “Darkstar” Dayne to the traitor in Arianne’s midst to the growth of Arianne herself, we tackle it all.

One quick meta note: Don’t hold us to this but we have some hope that we’ll be able to record these suckers a bit more frequently, at least for a while. Hope to see you around then — dig this in the meantime!

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