Monday, January 7, 2013

A Flight of Links

- 6 places you recognize from almost every movie. Hilarious.
- 10 incredibly stupid ways super heroes and super villains died. Holy shit, they're stupid.
- An essay about Django: Unchained, containing spoilers. 
- The 11 elite rules about hacking in movies.
- MovieBob has the 10 worst movies of 2012. 
- Yahtzee talks about the upcoming console wars, which he considers pointless.
Race to the Iron Throne has us Daenerys III. 
- The night is dark and full of turnips talks about Theon's Stockholm Syndrome.
- Lowgarden tackles the question whether Cersei is a sexist character. 
- Unwinnable takes a deeper look at FarCry3. I wouldn't concur, necessarily, but the logic is interesting enough and shows once agains that talking about video games becomes more and more sophisticated.
- What killed Star Trek?
- Agency and Morrowind
- 13 best worst movies of SciFi
- Rock Paper Shotgun has a Preview of the games of 2013; there's really, really interesting stuff there. Part 2 is online, too, as well as part 3.
- Why do so many villains get caught on purpose? It's starting to become a tiresome trope, yes.
- Why a gun loaded with blanks can still kill you. Interesting.
- A devestating review of Assassin's Creed 3 I wholeheartidly agree with.
- Why Alien3 is the best movie of the franchise. 
- 77 fantasy and sci-fi movies that come out 2013. 
-  Unwinnable talks about Worlds without End and the question why modern narratives don't really end.
- The generic batman face. 
- Why can't anyone get Irene Adler right? 
- 18 predictions from comics and scifi for 2013. 
- They're taking the hobbits to Isengard, live.
- MovieBob takes on the torture-discussion of Zero Dark Thirty.
- Critical Intel examines the depiciton of drone strikes in video games. More articles recommended: The Less Obvious Histories, The Medal of Honor Curse and King Washington the Wicked.
- Last for this week: great thoughts about weirwoods from the Butterfly; make sure to read her other linked posts on the topic, too. 


  1. Since you wanted people to comment:
    You found my two very favourite ASOIAF-related tumblers! Congrats!
    The Star Trek universe won't die, as long as there is fanfiction ;)
    "Getting Irene Adler right", lol. The story in which she turns up, in the original Conan Doyle, is about 6 pages long. She's not much of a character, actually. Let people interpret, for chrissake! I mean, from a feminist's standpoint, there could have been better interpretations, but that's not a disservice to the character of Irene, but to women in general. Which is a much bigger can of worms.

    1. If you have links to share, too, tell me.
      I dislike Star Trek. The new movie was decent, though.
      And +1 on Adler.