Monday, January 28, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Race of the Iron Throne has Eddard VI. Nice to see they come at a steady pace now.
- James Purefoy and Kevin McKidd rule out a part in Game of Thrones. Apparently, they are still pissed about the cancellation of "Rome". Man, they killed Hinds' and Menzies' characters, and they come over, too.
-  MovieBob talks about whether the Hobbit is too long. 
- Why Bioshock is in the way of Bioschock.
- Sean T. Collins reviews Contagion.
- I'm very fond of people destroying medieval myths, this time in some ASOIAF meta about bathing. 
-  A short analysis of Kevan Lannister.
- This is just creepy: Senator Alan Simpson does Gangnam Style.
- There's not only my criticism hurled at Diablo, obviously. The leaving of lead developer Jay has ignited some more. 
- A French Foreign Legionary has made himself a mask just like the Ghost of Modern Warfare. Obviously, France is not pleased, but luckily for him, they can't identify the guy. Might have to do with the mask. Seriously, guys, stop that shit.
- Alyssa thinks "Spartacus" really is a great series. I never watched it, but you may want to give it a try.
- Alyssa comments on Obama's demand to research violence in video games.
- Olympus has fallen sound like it's really shitty. 
- The idea channel talks about artsy video games
- I finally caught up with "Stormsongs" a bit and can recommend some posts: Increasing the magic, Martin's ranking in comparison to Tolkien, The Hobbit review (hearing you there, man), ASOS reread Catelyn II.
- Illustrated Timeline of Robots.
- Some information about the Blade Runner sequel and possible recurring roles.
- Zack Snyder may have switched Jimmy Olson's gender in the new Superman movie.  
- Gaming grammatically. Really good thoughts in that one, never thought about it before that way. I experienced the same thing in boardgames, by the way. I easily grasp the rules of a new boardgame due to my experience, and I can never understand people who don't.
- Why J. J. Abrams is a bad choice to direct a Star Wars movie. 
- Hotline Miami is nuts, and FTL is a gamble. Can't say anything about the former, but FTL really rocks. Buy it today.
- A brief history of the J. J. Abrams empire. 
- MovieBob reviews Hansel&Gretel.
- Paul Giamatti reads lines from romantic movies. Hilarious!
This is officially the worst trailer ever. It's so fucking bad, it's almost art. Even the main writer of the game distanced himself officially from the voice-over.
- io9 has the most imporant Game of Thrones theories. Special mention goes to the "amazing fan theory" Southron Ambitions, so I allow myself a content smile.
- 11 preposterously manly fantasy series. 
- What we want from the new Star Wars.


  1. Why J. J. Abrams... Link is broken

    Really interesting stuff in these lists btw, but you officially spend way to much time on the internet ;-)

    1. Well, the first J. J. Abrams-related link still needs a little CTRL added to the v to fix it.

  2. I LOVE Spartacus.
    You will probably wonder why, since you know how much I hated Rome, here are the reasons:

    First of all, it is not EGREGIOUSLY ahistoric - the set looks more or less right, the story seems pretty much in league with the tidbits I remember from Latin class - but it is clear that history is SO not the point here.
    Unlike Rome, it does not claim historical correctness, the whole cheesy aesthetic (f.e. huge fountains of blood, reminiscient of Frank-Miller-comics) makes it obvious that all the creators want to show is one giant campy gore-splatter-fun-fest.
    I dig that.
    Second of all, SO MUCH PORN. Naked men everywhere, fighting each other and looking gorgeous while doing so. That's good.
    Then the actual porn: all kinds of sex scenes from loving vanilla man-on-lady sex to kinky bisexual moresomes with slavegirls, which surprisingly and very nicely do not focus solely on the women's tits, like it is so ubiquitous on GOT.
    I dig that, too.
    Thirdly, I like the plot and the characters. I haven't seen all that much of the plot yet, but is has a very ASOIAF-ish intrigue style. The characters are rather well-rounded and the acting is pretty good.
    I dig that especially.
    Lastly, John Hannah. One of my favourite actors ever. I'd never have thought he'd make such a great villain.

    So I recommend watching Spartacus to anyone who likes splatter, intrigue and male nudity.