Monday, January 21, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Zack Snyder is a making Star Wars movie that does not belong to the new trilogy. It will be a recreation of "The Seven Samurai". I'm definitely interested.
- Race to the Iron Throne has Jon IV. I think I answered Steven's question rather well, by the way ;)
- Someone made the insult fights of Monkey Island into a browser game.
- More information on the upcoming Steam Box. 
- Fantasy Flight Games test an open level generator for Descent. I own much of the Descent first edition products (all, I think), but I never quite liked it the way I liked its predecessor, Doom. Never tried the second edition, though.
- Another piece about Far Cry 3 and what it tries to achieve. 
- A whole dumpf of ASOIAF meta from "Nobody suspects the butterfly" (partially only reblogs, but read them anyway).  Why Tyrion is responsible for Sandor's cracking, Is Tyrion a bad person, The possible origin story of Penny, A long analysis of the Unkiss, Why Sansa didn't go with the Hound, Same Topic, chart analysis, Is Tywin a Bad Person.
- 10 decent movies that were doomed by Memes. I plan to write something about Dredd in the near future.
- Our 10 favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger roles.
- Apparantly, they make Terminator 5. I don't know why everyone dislikes Terminator 3, I rather liked it. Terminator Salvation was the one sucking without comparison.
-The Death of Mario.
- 4 things you need to do for a good Die-Hard-movie.  
- Listen to Mircale of Sound, they make great music based on video games!
- MovieBob has "Broken City" reviewed. The statements about the small screen he makes in a throwaway sentence are in my opinion very important and right. 


  1. Your conclusion was as good as any other explanation, but I feel my abusive maester theory has more dramatic potential.

    1. True, but as I understand Randyll, no Tarly has ever been a maester.