Monday, January 14, 2013

A Flight of Links

- The World is Quiet out Here outlies in detailled terms why Catelyn's treatment of Jon is no sign of bad character.
- Of House Adama does the same  for Sansa and Tyrion.
- Season 2 for the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead announced!
- Yahtzee has the five best and worst video games of 2012. I'm pleased he put Spec Ops: The Line on position 1.
- Jimquisition, whose style I don't particularily like, does a great piece on video game violence and how it influences mass murderers.
- Yahtzee reinforces his point about senseless console wars.
- MovieBob about Spidermann #700.
- Real Life Physics looks at the opening sequence of Walking Dead Season 3 and asks whether all these headshots are possible. 
- Race to the Iron Throne got us Bran IV! Love those. Also, Eddard V is up. Yay!
- You will have heard by now, but George R. R. Martin released an Arianne-chapter from "The Winds of Winter".  
- So, if you want to know why the story of StarCraft II sucks so much, perhaps read the Q&A sessions of its lead writer. There are so many problems contained in all of this, and many are conflicting themes and motivations.  Perhaps I'll do a greater article about it in the future.
- Two articles about the joy of suffering in video games - high difficulty levels.
- The new Star Wars comic seems good. 
An analysis on Steam and the next generation of consoles. Very interesting what's happening there.
- Zero Dark Thirty review by Alyssa. 

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