Monday, December 31, 2012

A Flight of Links

Last links of 2012!

- Price crash in Diablo's economy
- Sansa doesn't owe Tyrion shit
- The NASA has made a video-parody of Gangnam style. While there are many parodies out there, I think the intention and execution deserves credit: it's an adaption to the realities of modern communication in the social network era, using pop culture to carry your message. In this case: Science, Lady!
- Best and worst of SciFi this year. 
- A collection of horrible Frank-Miller-panels. Wow, there are many horrible Frank-Miller-panels.
- Race to the Iron Throne has Arya II.
- Yahtzee talks about Far Cry 3 and shooters in general, compared to the military shooter crap floating around. 
- Random in the fandom has a real nice analysis of why Catelyn doesn't like Jon. 
- 6 terrible plans in movies that just sort of work out
- These are the best costumes I've ever seen. At least the cutest.
- A staggering analysis of The Hobbit's themes.
- An old piece of io9, but still interesting, as this one is.
- Alyssa has two pieces on video games and violence following the Newton Massacre.
- A service message for my German readers: Until now I totally missed the existence of WASD, a magazine about gaming. The articles are pure Meta, and they seem very interesting, one example here about games and the depiction of politics.  
- Wertzone reviews FarCry 3.
- A naval expert talks about the differences between the Enterprise aircraft Carrier and the Star Trek variety.  
- The Escapist presents the best Critical Games of 2012. Worth checking out for sure!  
- Moviebob reviews Django Unchained.  
- Woah, found a new site about video games: Rock, Paper, Shotgun.  Really, you need to check it out, if only for this article crying for a meaningful debate about violence in video games or this one containing an interview with the writer of FarCry 3.


  1. No one ever comments on A Flight Of Links, but I can't hold it:
    They liked LOOPER? SERIOUSLY? I know, I know, movies about time travel aren't meant to be overly logical, but THIS? This film hurt my brain.
    I fucking adore both Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt (sexy as hell, imho), but that did not stop me from noticing all the logical fallacies. Now, can we change the past, or not? MAKE A FUCKING DECISION!
    Ah, that was good.

    1. That no one ever comments is a shame, really.
      I haven't seen Looper yet.

    2. It's lots of fun if you don't expect even the slightest bit of consistency.