Monday, December 17, 2012

A Flight of Links

- Valve plans to produce a plug&play Gaming PC for the living room. It would run on Linux/Steam, so it'll be another (logical) step into the world of secluded platforms.
- Prepare for the Iron Baby!
- Humor and realism don't mix, says Yahtzee.
- Taylor Marvin wrote about sexual harassment in Westeros, inspired by our latest podcast. Thanks!
- The German newspaper FAZ has an interview with George R. R. Martin and a portrait. If you don't speak German, you might want to try Google Translate, since they have a nice and interesting approach on the topic.
- Race to the Iron Throne has another great essay about the Hands of the King, this time for Tyrion.
- Ohio University thinks they found evidence of long-term effects on playing violent video games. I remain sceptical, since these studies are in really arbitrary conditions, but there could be some fruitful follow-up for this.
- Supergirl, Part III. Man, I'm so glad I'm not a comic fan like that.
-  Sean T. Collins gives you a breakdown of the 13 most important things you need to know about the Hobbit.
- MovieBob, io9, Ramble On, ScreenRant and the Wertzone review The Hobbit. Everyone has their unique take on the subject, and especially Ramble On's review may be interesting for regular listeners of BLAH.
- Did you know there were female pilots in Star Wars? Apparantly, they were cut.
- And Race's next chapter analysis is out, Tyrion III this time.  
- Two good pieces of ASOIAF meta (here and here) and two really great ones (here and here). Check them out, seriously!
- MovieBob looks at the Man of Steel Trailer. ScreenRant does the same.
 - The merits and flaws of 48fps.
- Some information on Pacific Rim. 

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