Monday, December 3, 2012

A Flight of Links

- 7 plot holes you didn't notice due to editing. 
- io9 has the eleven characters most unlikely to win the Iron Throne.
- Sean T. Collins rants against Breaking Dawn part 2.  
- And he praises Boardwalk Empire's latest episode.
- An insightful critique of Boardwalk Empire's second season and its style in general.
- Yahtzee reviews Black Ops II, which seems every bit as bad as I expected, and hilariouly keeps calling it Blops.
- MovieBob gives us the first installement of a series about Supergirl.
- Yahtzee again, on naming sequels.
- io9 has cliffhangers that would have been great season finales.
- Race's "Eddard IV" will blow your head. Great analysis and much stuff for future discussion.
- Nerd is a universal language, finds Greg Tito, which, as you might remember, is the founding premise of this blog.
- Three posts about ASOIAF: Why HBO!Catelyn is so bad (not a view I necessarily share), In defense of Lysa, and an insightful look at Sansa and the Game of Thrones.
- MovieBob talks what the Justice League movie needs to do.  
- Wow, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified really seems to suck. Seriously, what did you expect with the title and concept? It's a shame to see how short so many video games still fall of delivering a meaningful experience.
- ZombieU seems to be able to get a certain level of immersion in the beginning of the game, but the horror aspect losing to tension and rinse-repeat-patterns is not exactly a new problem. It's a shame.
- FarCry3 seems to be really good.

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