Monday, December 10, 2012

A Flight of Links

- MovieBob talks about the upcoming Justice League movie.
- Blizzard registred a very conspicious new domain. 
 - Ron Gilbert would like to have Monkey Island back, but it's firmly in Disney's hands now (read: corporate evil).
- What The Walking Dead tell us about the War on Terror.  
- MovieBob talking Man of Steel again. I love the idea he has.
- The Escapist talks about the new information on season 3 of Game of Thrones.
- Alyssa thinks we need a pause from violence and series, but I wouldn't agree.
- A very insightful look into the depiction of apocalypse in popculture.
- Yathzee talks about Black Ops 2 again, calling it the noveau rich of video games. Interesting comparison.
- Supergirl, Part 2.
- Sean T. Collins about the finale of Boardwalk Empire Season 3.
- Time does the same, and has a very personal look into the series.
- The Escapist has a review of the overhauled Baldur's Gate. Never was into the game much, but if you were, have a look!
- Sean T. Collins reviews "The Lands of Ice and Fire". 
- More on the question of violence in TV. 
- 8 ways the X-Men movies fucked up continuity. I don't think any of these points matters at all, by the way. 
- A frame-by-frame analysis of the Star Trek Trailer.
- Concept art of The Dark Knight. 
- A collection of scripts that almost became movies but luckily got shelved. 

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