Monday, January 26, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Johnny Depp's later career stages
- My new essay about Daenerys' future is online
- Deception in Siegecraft and A Page from history as the two new and incredibly compelling Mediations on Song of Ice and Fire.
- Sean T. Collins reviews the first half of The Wire's season 4.  
- A slam of The Man in the High Castle. 
- Next part of the Mediations. 
- Where pilots matter?
- How come we recognized the earth revolves around the sund?
- How long can the superhero-train run?
- How realistic is video game swordfighting?
- This debate is so stupid it takes my breath away. Fucking mysoginy in gaming.
- And while we're at it, Wikipedia's male dominated editor dictatorship banned five female editors from all Gamergate and gender articles. 
- The trailer for the next Telltale GOT episode is out.
- Five Nights at Freddy's and This War of Mine. 
- Review of the first Better Call Saul episodes.
- And an interview with the creators.  
- Frank Castle is the American Sniper. Spot on.
-  Deep Web Trailer
- New wave of bible movies incoming
- This is still bringing me to tears every time
- Go, Daniel Brühl!


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