Monday, January 12, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Great essay about slavery in Essos and the real world
- Scathing review of American Sniper
- Sean T. Collins continues his too short run on The Wire
- Ant-Man trailer, or is this finally Marvel's first flop? 
- Ziggy Forever 
- Why you should watch Agent Carter 
- The terrible 20 part 1 and part 2
- Preview of Total War: Attila
- Highlighting the critical games of 2014
- Top and worst 5 games of 2014
- Plus honorable mentions
- Moral Dilemma of The Last of Us 
- Grand unifying theory of gaming continues
- Complete Winds of Winter ressource
- Who told Stannis that Joffrey was a bastard? 

1 comment:

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