Monday, January 19, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Second Sons
- Wertzone reviews Breaking Bad season 3 
- The new Avengers 2 trailer explained
- Tower of the Hand counts down the most favored characters of the fandom. I did the profiles on Sansa, Jaqen H'Qar and Quentyn Martell, so keep your eye out. 
- Lost season seven in the making? 
- Lost was thought up on the fly. Does this surprise anyone?
- Sean T. Collin's review of The Wire goes on
- Animating the Universe
- Spiderman will appear in the Marvel Crisis movies
- I really have to check this out
- Total War: Warhammer? Interesting. 
- Shadowrun Returns returns, or something
- GTA V and their lack of good tutorials
- Idris Elba is making a trilogy in Edgar Allan Poe fighting demons, because of course he is
- Taken analysis. It's basically dadsploitation. 
- The Man in the High Castle got a pilot
- Worst boardgames ever invented
- Children's movies are full of death
- Definitive article on Casterly Rock


  1. I find it hard to believe LOST was made up on the fly for the later seasons. Up until halfway through season 3, sure. But after that things started converging too much to be improvised.

    1. Unfortunately not. They did the same thing on Battlestar Galactica, where everything also converged towards the end. And really, they started opening parallel dimensions, time travel shenanigans and mysterious gods in the later seasons. Much stuff never converged anywhere at all.

  2. I grant that the flashsideways stuff was not LOST's best hour, but the on-Island part wrapped up relatively neatly. I'm still skeptical.