Monday, December 8, 2014

A Flight of Links

- I need one of those. It's essentially a come-up. 
- Why Terminator 2 is still relevant today.
- Teeth of the Rising Sun
- How the new Hunger Games is not a blockbuster, seriously
- Dornish letter theory
- MovieBob on Bill Cosby
- And about feathers on dinosaurs.  
- Bran III
- There have been a lot father-daughter-stories lately. 
- Wot I think: Game of Thrones
- Great essay about Aegon's conquest. 
- Filmschool Reject also looked at the Terminator trailer.
- Colbert talks about the new Star Wars trailer. 
- Why some franchises repeat the same story
- Why Assassin's Creed Unity's main character sucks
- Far Cry 4 review by Yahtzee 
- Yes, I remember. Ah, ye olden days.  
- One does not simply assume Sean Bean dies a lot
-  Epic fanmade Hobbit-trailer


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