Monday, December 1, 2014

A Flight of Links

- First Jurassic World trailer, looking surprisingly good. Didn't even know Chris Pratt was in this. 
- Welcome Home, music video
- Intercepting ravens
- Wot I think: Tales from the Borderlands, episode 1
- You have to earn your apocalypse
- Why the new Assassin's Creed fails at the French Revolution. Oh boy, I so feared it would turn out that way. Same thing with the American Revolution.
- If you're interested in the most powerful woman on the planet, you should read this astonishing (and long) piece. 
- German article about Kickstarter.
- Broken movies
- Anita Sarkeesian as title story on Bloomberg business week
- The history of deleted scenes of Star Wars
- Quick and slow time events
- Robert Kirkman's big regret shows that he isn't a good storyteller in my opinion.
- Stormsongs reacts to the Star Wars teaser
- Tyrion V
- Escapist reviews the new Assassin's Creed Rogue
- As does Yahtzee for Unity
- Wertzone reviews the World of Ice and Fire
- And True Detective
- Dragon Age: Impositions
- Game responsiveness is about more than framerate
- Beautiful short film


  1. > Anita Sarkeesian as title story on Bloomberg business week

    And the much better rebuttal on *gasp* Breitbart:

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