Monday, December 29, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Yes, I'm tired of it, too. 
- Interesting mini-analysis of character relationships on TNG
- Red Letter Media reviews the new Hobbit
- GRRM is pissed at Sony too
- Sony seems to be planning to dump the movie for free
- Amazing science images from 2014
-  Groovy Earthworm Jim pics
- Yet another devestating Hobbit review
-  Marco Polo review
- Which GOT season is best?
- Renaissance super heroes
- I don't think that's a good idea. Marvellous efford, yes, but I can't imagine the end product being much fun. Chronologically is overrated to actual editing.
- Analysis of "The Interview"
- Shamus answers reader questions
- MovieBob's ten top movies 2014
- Wertzone reviews Breaking Bad season 2
- And Walking Dead season 4
- MovieBob reviews American Sniper
- And talks about the new Star Trek director
- Analysis of the latest change in trailer style
- Romans vs. Chinese? I'm sold. 
- Sean T. Collins continues reviewing The Wire
- Jennifer Lawrence, Box office returns and the lack of non-whites
-  Finally
- Interesting opinion argument
- New theory for trips to Mars

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