Monday, February 25, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Why the Borg make great enemies. 
- Is PC gaming dying out?
- MovieBob about Batman and the Justice League movie, again
- The problem with female leads in video games.
- Alyssa discusses the Walking Dead episode 10.
- The Escapist joins the "Battle of Hoth" discussion. It's strange coming from someone geeking out about ASOIAF like me, but Star Wars really isn't that much of a coherent enough subject for such discussions in my eyes.
- The obviously shitty "Colonial Marines" provoked two in-depth-reviews (here and here) about why making Alien games is hard, and also linked to this nice report on how the aliens were done in the movies.
- Holy nerd, this is one great analysis of the Jaime-Cersei-relationship.  
- MovieBob reviews "Beautiful Creatures".  More interesting for all the missed opportunities than the movie itself. 
- Yahtzee reviews Dead Space 3. When I saw the trailer for the game, I also wondered how this should turn out as survival horror. Spoiler: It ain't.
- German speakers only: an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung about Crytek, the guys behind the Crysis video games.
- Read this article about what a Django sequel should be about. DO. IT. NOW.
- RPS reviews Dead Space 3 and Colonial Marines.
- The Escapist asks what really constitutes a video game. 

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