Monday, February 4, 2013

A Flight of Links

- 30 mind-blowing things about single movie scenes
- Race to the Iron Throne has Catelyn V. 
- Paul Giamatti is to play Rhino in The Amazing Spiderman 2. Seriously, the Rhino? There's really no villain too absurd for comic authors to make up, is there?
- MovieBob rants about Abrams as choice for Star Wars. I think he's way overreacting here.
- Wertzone reviews Walking Dead. If you haven't played it yet, start already.
- Race for the Iron Throne has Sansa II. 
- Steven also started a new series on the Tower about the nature of Westerosi monarchy.  I was writing such an article for a while now myself, but I never really got a good grip on the subject that was not incoherent talking, so I'm really excited as to whether he manages to get it (looks good so far) and if I can use my bits and pieces to complement it once he's finished.
- Movie Defense Force takes on Waterworld. 
- Wot I think: Medal of Honor Warfighter. Oh yes.
More about Medal of Honor.
- Why are RPGs dying?
- MovieBob reviews Warm Bodies.
- German consumers sue Valve.
- Wertzone also reviews Blood&Chrome. My review here. 
- How will the British EU referendum influence the gaming market?
- Gas Powered Games is facing bankruptcy. Heartbreaking story.
- Another load of links about Spec Ops: The Line: Click, Click, Click, Click
- I had mourned the demise of Extra Credits from the Escapist, which seems to have cheated them, and always assumed they gave up. I just now discovered that they are alive and well under the flag of Penny Arcade. Check them out!


  1. Thanks for the linkage! Quick fix: the Tower of the Hand essay is on monarchy not aristocracy.

  2. I highly recommend the movie-scenes link... the first page is boring, but some of the higher-ranked facts are really funny.
    However, why they act like the R2D2-and-C3PO-hieroglyphs in Raiders of the Lost Ark are the only Star-Wars-reference in Indiana Jones is beyond me.
    Here are the others: