Monday, February 11, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Assassin's Creed was close getting a coop multiplayer. While they are right that the story prevented implementing one, it would perhaps have been wise to construct something that allowed multiplayer mode. Especially for Assassin's Creed 3.
- GI Joe goes viral with a rather risky ad spot. Very interesting.
- By the way, I don't know exactly how "Family Guy" can think such blatant racism is funny.
- Going apeshit nerd, MovieBob talks about toons based on video games of the 80s and 90s.  
- 6 baffling mistakes done by movie characters. 
- Very clever questions about the psychological effects of video games. 
- J. J. Abrams got into a deal with Valve to possibly make a Half-Life or Portal movie. Don't really know whether this is a good idea.
- Yathzee reviews The Cave. 
-  The cooperation between entertaintment industry and Pentagon explained. 
- We are living in a Star Wars universe. 
- Why Americans are obsessed with Ninjas.
- Games Workshop seriously enforces a trademark on the term "Space Marine". 
- The Justice League movie is falling apart. 
- German readers online: excerpt from a 90s book about media, ripping apart the Simpsons for destroying western values. 
- Moviebob examines some movie types that need to die. 
 - MovieBob has some interesting insights into why the Stallone and Schwarzenegger action flicks flopped. 
- The 10 most incompetent space captains of all time. 
- If the Hobbit was 10 times shorter and 100 times more honest.  
- Red Letter Media reviews Django Unchained.
 - MovieBob asks if Django is rascist (Spoiler: no)
- There's a new GOT Season 3 commercial.
- Race to the Iron Throne just finished Eddard VII. 


  1. If you're open to an edit, I just got finished with Eddard VII:

  2. OMG the Simpsons Review... incredibly funny.
    So Maggie doesn't talk because she's mentally disabled? Not because she's, like, 1yo (perpetually)?
    Very amusing, indeed.