Monday, May 23, 2016

The Boiled Leather Audio Hour #49

We Need to Talk About Hodor: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Six (feat. Poor Quentyn)

Sean and Stefan are joined by a very special guest to talk about a very special episode! Emmett Booth, the ASoIaF analyst behind the widely read Poor Quentyn tumblr and a maester at ASoIaF University, hops aboard the BLAH train to discuss the shocking revelations of “The Door,” this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, and use this mid-point opportunity to take stock of the season thus far. What do the secret origins of the White Walkers and Hodor mean for both the show and the books? What does the current political status quo portend for the future, in terms of both plot and theme? What’s wrong with the Game of Thrones critical discourse? Is the show…evil? We’re answering all these questions and more. If you like what you hear, subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes to help the Boiled Leather Rebellion emerge victorious!
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  1. Can't wait to listen to this. It's certainly a worthy time to this kind of discussion. There are some serious mind-blowers that have been dropped on us and knowing whether they are changes or from true source material is so dang hard. Man alive, what a doozy.

    If you or anyone else is interested, here's the link to my review as well (I made sure to link back to here too!)

    Keep up the great work, guys.

    1. And of course I didn't post my link, lol:

    2. And of course I didn't post my link, lol: