Monday, May 9, 2016

A Flight of Links

- Banner Saga 2 review
- The four lives of Epic
- H. R. Giger puts the "egg" in "easter egg"
- I think this stuff is so cool,
- Jimmy Kimmel gives the middle finger to climate change denial
- Chris Evans' brillant Cap depiction
- Why do kids love the Cap?
- Dawn of War III trailer
- List of Star Wars canon
- Shadows of the Empire on GOG
- Clone Wars Season 1 review
- AI challenge
- Why does video game lore suck? THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS
- Peak HBO?
- Modeling superhero politics
- What does Better Call Saul get right about being a lawyer?
- Thoughts on Civil War
- More about Civil War
- Battlefield 1 looks interesting
-  Doom still looks dumb

- Melisandre
- Stannis kingship financed
- Punishments
- What Jon Snow's return means
- Euron explainer for the show version
- Me neither
- Aeron Damphair
- Rodrik and Euron
- Great Qarth analysis
- Euron's cultural background
- Analysis of Euron's lines in GOT 6.2
- R'hollor
- Robert Strong
- Third head of the dragon
- Jaime I
- Quellon Greyjoy and Euron
- Euron vs. Bran
-Didn't even know this was a theory
- Dany's conquest
- Baelor II
- Targ restoration plan


  1. Thanks for the link to the Lore article. Have you every played Thief 1 or 2, Stefan? I think the way they handle lore in those games is the gold standard. Some of them were also involved in Bioshock, so no surprise they understand that less is more.

    1. I didn't, but I did play Bioshock. I never got over the fact that it was a shooter.