Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Boiled Leather Audio Hour #50

Aeron, Euron, It’s On

Undoubtedly timed to coincide with our landmark 50th episode, George R.R. Martin has released, or rather read, a brand new sample chapter from The Winds of Winter, and Sean & Stefan are tackling it in our third podcast in a month! Suitably, it’s a biggie: Entitled “The Forsaken,” it’s told from the perspective of Aeron “the Damphair” Greyjoy as he’s held prisoner by his increasingly frightening brother Euron Crow’s Eye. How does this chapter function as prophecy, as plot mover, as horror fiction, as Lovecraftian homage? How far are we willing to go with predictions as to what it all means for the future? What is Euron’s true motivation? Is the apocalypse now? Listen and find out!

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  1. OK, for one, this is a startling chapter. I had to admit Poor Quentyn's theories seemed like a 50/50 coin flip to me. However, it's clear now that Euron is after some end of the world causing power.
    However I have to lean towards Sean's hesitant acceptance.

    My biggest qualm would be, Bran saw so much of what would come in his initial Game of Thrones dream, but nothing of this terror?
    I realize the story has changed since he first put pen to paper in the 90's. I can't help but feel that Euron is being shoehorned in, not unlike Aegon after the death of Tywin and Joffrey to assume the villain banner.
    I'm completely ignorant of Lovecraft, so I'm having a difficult time believing or even picturing what his apocalypse would look like.
    However now that there is the potential for Valyrian Steel armor, and the endless possibilities of Knowledge that could have bestowed upon Euron, I'm more confident than ever that the Dragon egg he threw into the ocean will come back into play.

    Sorry for the rambling I'm still trying to digest all of this information.

    Since he is doomed to fail in this attempt how is Euron stopped?
    I think rather than Krakens this blood sacrifice he's about to create of the Redwyne's will summon Nagga reborn.
    Continuing the theme of Age of Heroes characters returning to the story.

    1. Well, Euron will get burned in a serious case of dracarys.

    2. You know what they say: Valyrian steel armor Is the new Harrenhal.

  2. I've got so many questions about this chapter.

    Do we assume that the man who was burnt to a crisp was a holy man a priest of Rholor? Or was he potentially a sacrifice to Rholor? Perhaps Roderick the Reader?

    My reason for thinking this is that if Euron were to tie just the priests to the prow that's fine. But then why tie the Flowers girl to the prow after the fact?
    What if he's tying both a priest, and a sacrifice to that specific God as well? The Rholor Priest and the burned man, the Warlock, and the Warlock they were feeding to the other warlocks...

    One thing that throws this out of balance is the child in Flowers belly does that make it a sacrifice of 3? sort of like Danny's pyre for Drogo?

    What the hell Euron!!!

    1. 1) We assume.
      2) Because he's a prick.
      3) No need for threes. This is WAY bigger than three. We're talking thousands.

  3. Remember Jon's Black Ice Armor dream? Could he wind up with Euron's Valyrian Steel Armor?